King Oba was started in 2015 and since then has driver on the power and success of all Kings. 

With it's West African roots and logo being an artist interpretation of the bronze mask from Benin, we keep the brand aesthetics close to the meaning behind the mask. 

Our brand ambassadors are carefully picked by our founder and CEO, whom portrays the brand and it's aesthetics. This includes the London based podcast Kings "90's Baby Show" to Nigeria's very own "PsychoYP." 

King Oba Clothing is a luxury menswear brand dedicated to all the Kings. With our mottos, Long Live the King and Be A King, we want all men to feel like Kings when wearing our clothing.


We are also passionate about our planet! All of our clothing is organic cotton and we are working on becoming carbon neutral as a business. 

We love working with young and up and coming talent so if your interested in becoming an ambassador for King Oba please contact us!

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